Odds & Ends - by KIVA
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Odds & Ends is a collection of songs that don't quite fit - they are the songs that have waited to be put on one or another of our albums, most of which have some theme or concept. We have been performing some of them for years; others only recently. Back in 1995, "Loving Ourselves Into Love," was recorded at KIVA's original recording studio (Orchard Productions) by our friend Kathleen Hannan for her album "Somethin's Been Missing," with Ariana singing harmony. Another song I only heard the recording of when I played a tape that I got from a woman named Jiva Falcon at a festival called Starwood. Her song, Rainbow Around The Moon, inspired the band to come up with our own version. I had been trying to find her for years and found out that she's a friend of a friend so I finally got to send her royalties for her song. One of our favorite songs on the album is "I See Fire" and our first exposure to the song was while we were at the movies. At our next practice everyone at our next practice almost at once said, "We HAVE to do that song!" So here you have KIVA's 11th recording - Odds & Ends. Enjoy!

At our CD Release show we heard "I've been waiting for YEARS for you to record these songs!" - Cathy D. and "I'm constantly amazed at the richness and depth of the instrumentation and the beautiful voices - it all lifts the spirit. The arrangements, amazing and so complex. What a great use of such great talent." - Frank K.

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, David Landis, Jim Brewster, Tigre Cruz, Tim Sauerwein, Diana McFadden, Roni Landis

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Includes: Decide (Billy Bardo)
Midsummer's Fey
For Love Is Waiting
Rainbow Around the Moon
Ancient Shores
I See Fire (Ed Sheeran)
  Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead)
Sun Mash (Mashup of Sun Songs)
Rain Prayer (Kathleen Hannan)
Loving Ourselves Into Love (Kathleen Hannan)
Stand in the Light

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