KIVA (1993)

This release weaves together the enchanting vocal harmonies and powerful rhythms of the earth religion, celebrating the alchemy of love and life that transforms us as we embrace ecstasy. The musicians are inspired by myriad forms and traditions, and this album showcases their instrumental range as never before, highlighting individual KIVA members and friends such as Robin Burdulis and Barbara McPherson.

"This is some of the most sophisticated, exciting and satisfying 'women's music' I've heard, and is highly recommended by New Age music buyers." -- P.J. Biroski, New Age Retailer

"Alchemy is one of my all-time favorite recordings!! The reason I am looking for another copy of it is that I played it so much the tape is shredding from being listened to so much!! There is something here for everyone!! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the Best in New Age music!!" -- beadmonster, from

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana McFadden, Kestryl Galbreath, Eve Jones
Guests: Robin Burdulis, Nicole Cooley, Sarah Curry, Morgan Darkfire, Bryn Erin, Jim Jacobsen, Barbara McPherson, Brooke Parkhurst, Jon Perry, Alex Potter

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Includes: Alchemy
Changer's Fire
Aphrodite's Daughters
Celtic Sunrise
  Midnight Passage
Grandmother Spider Woman
Persephone's Song
Fly High
Maid of Orleans

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