Fairy Gifts
Celtic Folk Tales as told by Morganna Davies
with music by KIVA (1998)

This is a recording of eight classic celtic stories about fairies -- from England, Scotland, and Ireland. The stories are told by Morganna Davies, and KIVA provides the background music. This recording is quite suitable for children, and for any adult interested in the Little People. NEW -- now available in CD format.

"This tape is amazing. I'm putting it into my catalog right now!" -- Alexian, Earthtones Studios

"It's great! Great voice! Great stories! Great music! Morganna is great! Keep up the good work. Any more celtic tales?" -- unsolicited fan mail

Includes: The White Trout
The Priest's Supper
The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies
Fairy Gifts
The Little People and the Hawthorne Bush
Cats and Fairies
The Old Woman and the Cat
    (Cassette & CD formats)

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