Live at the Forest Inn
KIVA (1997)

This wonderful live album was recorded at the Forest Inn, a large Victorian ballroom in Forest Glen, Maryland. It is the first release to include new KIVA member David Landis and the return of Diana McFadden. It also features the fantastic vocals of Amikaeyla Gaston, longtime KIVA alumni Nicole Cooley in an unusual arrangement of the traditional song "Twa Corbies", and award winning harpist Olvardil Prydwyn on harp (on "The Basin") and cittern (on "Twa Corbies"). This CD was nominated for DC's Whammie Award for "Best New Age Album."

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"I was so glad to hear diverse melodies in the tunes Ariana wrote for the 'Live at the Forest Inn' album... The final selection is a potential classic called 'Go Now', a wonderful children's story (for all ages) about shape shifting and living a spirit-filled life on this Mother Earth. I look forward to hearing more by KIVA." -- Kay Gardner, review from Goddessing magazine

"This is the best KIVA CD I've ever heard. All of the songs are wonderful, especially the new version of the Shaman song 'Green Man' and the brand new song 'Go Now'. The CD really captures the energy of a live KIVA concert -- don't miss this gem." -- Web Music Reviews

"Live at the Forest Inn" was nominated for a Washington Area Music (Wammie) Award for 1998 as "Best New Age Album".

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Nicole Cooley, Diana Sunday, Eve Jones, David Landis, Diana McFadden
Guests: Amikaeyla Gaston, Olvardil Prydwyn

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Includes: Star of the Sea (by Persephone)
Witchin' Hour
Twa Corbies
Green Man (by Dierdre Stuart)
  Devi Puja (Traditional Chant)
The Basin
Durgé Durgé
Ariana's Blessing
Go Now (by Amikaeyla Gaston)

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