The Healing Art
KIVA (1990)

With "The Healing Art", KIVA starts its journey into the world with songs that heal the spirit and open the heart. The journey begins with original folk songs of the seasons and move into music that makes you want to dance around the room or howl at the moon!

KIVA:Ariana Lightningstorm, Bryn Erin, Julie Marino
Guests: Diana McFadden, Chaitanya, Jon Perry, Linnea Price, Lee Davenport, Frances Fox, Jim Jacobsen, Barbara McPherson, Alaina Dhanya, Kathryn Theatana, Jerry Rorstrom-Lee

"This tape is one of the jewels of the year. The songs are exquisitely crafted and sent sailing through the air on the achingly pure voice of Ariana backed by uncluttered vocals and intuitive musicians." -- Green Egg Magazine

"My wife and four-year-old daughter listen to your CD's constantly. There are multiple songs that Zoë knows and sings regularly, but her favorites are 'Old Woman' and 'Jai Ma'. It is so sweet to hear her singing... and it is wonderful to fortify her with your positive lyrics. Neither Zoë nor her 2 year old brother can refrain from dancing to 'Spring is Returning'!" -- D. Hessler, a fan

Includes: Winter Solstice Sunrise
Yuletide Changes
Spring is Returning
Aphrodite's Flowers
Dying God
  Witchin' Hour
The Healing Art
High Summer
Diana - Live
Jai Ma

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