Mother Wisdom
KIVA (1994)

The twelve voices of "the Chorus of Powerful Women" invite you to experience the Goddess with original and traditional chants and songs from Africa, Tibet, Greece, India, and North and South America. Mother Wisdom connects us to the divine feminine and invites us to peace, prosperity and passionate dance!

"The CDs sound is rich, clear and well produced... the 12 member chorus of powerful women sounds as if it's been singing as a group for years." Kay Gardner, review from Goddessing magazine

"This is a powerful, important, and moving album of traditional and original chants to the Divine Mother." -- Tom Wolfe, Smile Herb Shop, College Park, MD

"My best selling recording." -- Lady Alexandria, Crystal Fox, Laurel, MD

"Gorgeous. Use this wonderful album to learn traditional goddess chants, or ceremony." -- Sequoia

"Using a variety of percussion and acoustic instrumentation, this spirited women's group blends strong, firey vocal harmonies with suberb musical interpretation." -- Heartsong Review

"KIVA's music is simultaneously very simple and complex, and the multiple voices blend together seamlessly. The strong vocal harmonizes combine with diverse instrumentation. The result is a collection of songs that are difficult to describe effectively." -- stalkingghostbear, from

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Includes: Jnana Mai
Sri Mahalaksmyastakam (Traditional Chant)
Yemaya (Traditional Chant)
Green Tara Chant (Traditional Chant)
Jai Ma (traditional chant)
Rushing Water
Healing Song
The Earth is Our Mother

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