Songs of Mysts and Moon
Amergyn & KIVA (1999)

A KIVA collaboration project with magical musician Amergyn. KIVA plays and sings on nearly every song on the album. Amergyn's deep strong voice balances well with Ariana's, and KIVA's sound takes his wonderful songs to new heights. Amergyn's songs take you to a magical glen dancing with Pan or walking the straight paths of faerie in the Georgia mountains or dreaming of dragons and silver moon maidens in the mist. Just under 50 minutes of music! A "must buy" for Amergyn and KIVA fans alike!

Reprinted from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 4/13/2007:
Amergyn (Thomas Banks) passed through the veil on March 23, 2007, in Nashville, TN after a battle with cancer. A Navy veteran and long-time resident of Atlanta area, he served his Community as a Priest and a Bard of many talents. He is survived by his son, Andrew Banks, of Stockbridge, many friends, and songs and memories that shall live in our hearts forever.

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, Eve Jones, David Landis, Diana McFadden, Jim Brewster
Guests: Amergyn, Jim Jacobsen

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Includes: Dragon Song *
Pan's Dance
Samhain Flight
  Sun Child
Dancers of Arun
Silver Lady of the Moon
We Remember

* Interesting Note: Anne McCaffrey did a play of the book
"Dragon's Song" and she used Amergyn's song in the play.

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