KIVA and Friends (1991)

"Renewal" is an album full of "danceable chants" and songs full of imagery from nature, mythology, and many traditional spiritual paths from around the world. Robin Burdulis and Barbara McPherson make their percussive debut on Renewal!

"A high energy collective effort... powerful, spirited vocals." -- Heartsong Review

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Nicole Cooley, Diana McFadden, Jon Perry
Guests: Barbara McPherson, Robin Burdulis, Alice Alder, Morgan Darkfire, Jerry Rorstrom-Lee, Bryn Erin, Linnea Price, Kathryn Theatana, Cathy Waters, Alex Potter

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Includes: Dance in the Moonlight
The Earth is Our Mother
Fire Flow Free
Fire Beneath the Ice
Diana Fanfare/Huntress
Lament for Liadon
Garlands and Lightning

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