A 20 Year Adventure
KIVA (Yule 2009)

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This CD is filled with songs that you've been waiting for KIVA to record for a very long time as well as new versions of songs we've been doing for nearly 20 years. This recording is exclusively with the current lineup of KIVA so you'll hear just what you here when we perform. We added two new songs and remixed and mastered and printed the whole thing professionally (with Oasis). Our mastering master is Billy Wolf who has 2 grammies for his work and we LOVE the resulting CD and so will you!!
      But wait... there's more! If you want to purchase BOTH our NEW Final version (with 2 new songs and all remixed and mastered) and the pre-release, you'll STILL save $5. Ok -- did I sound enough like one of those Infomercials??? There's about 25 of the pre-release left.
      Now what would you pay??? Ok there's even more - Want to download just a couple songs or just don't want to add to your shelf of CDs? Buy a Digital Download of KIVA So Far from CD Baby. Or you can still buy them directly from the band and we'll love you even more!

KIVA:  Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, David Landis, Jim Brewster, Tigre Cruz, Tim Sauerwein, Diana McFadden

Includes: Dance of Life (by Ken Anoff)
Aphrodite's Sirens
Sea Called (by Nicole Cooley Woodruff)
Ready For the Storm (by Dougie MacLean)
Old Maui (Traditional Sea Shanty)
When I Was on Horseback (Irish Trad.)
Spirit Waltz (by Michael Rosa)
Healing Art
Just Desserts (by Meg Davis)
Witchin' Hour
Walking in Your Footsteps (by Sting)
Breath of Fire (by Ken Anoff)
Road to Peace (by Ken Anoff)

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You can get a Digital DOWNLOAD of KIVA So Far from CD Baby. You even have CHOICES! You can buy the physical CD from them or get a digitial download of the individual songs or the whole CD.

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