A Call to Beauty
KIVA (2002)

In this troubled time when so many people are issuing a call to arms, we strive instead for peace by issuing a call to beauty -- to remind everyone of the beauty of this world, the beauty of its people, and the beauty of its many different cultures.
      This CD reflects that beauty and diversity. It presents music of varying styles based on cultures from all over our world and includes new songs, reworkings of old songs, and globally collected traditional pieces. It is the first KIVA CD to feature our newest members, Jim Brewster and Tim Sauerwein on didgeridoo (on "Earth Mother" and "Red Road").

KIVA:Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, Eve Jones, David Landis, Diana McFadden, Jim Brewster, Tim Sauerwein
Guests: Amikaeyla Gaston, Jim Jacobsen, Artemis, Brad Sidwell, Gene Long, Brooke Parkhurst

"The CD, 'A Call to Beauty' is a magnificent album -- with free flowing vibrations, that make your spirit want to soar. The rhythmic, free-flowing movements are inspirational to any soul. Thanks again, it is a magificent CD." -- "Inspirations" Radio, Rev. Wendy Eversen (http://members.tripod.com/la_veda_shrine/radio.html)

"VERY creative! I love the jazzy/bluesy influences. 'Oak and Ash and Thorn' is GREAT -- what a voice that woman has [that's Amikaeyla]! -- very witty: a British folk song as blues! The title cut is mesmerizing... something very infectious about the refrain of that one. Love the vocal work at the end of the environmental song ['Pollution']! And great percussion throughout! KIVA has come up with a distinctive sound, and that is not so easy to do." -- K. Allen, WPSU Public Radio

"A Call to Beauty" was nominated for a Washington Area Music (Wammie) Award for 2002 and 2003 as "Best World Music Album".

Includes: A Call to Beauty
Moon Path
Travelers Prayer (by John Renbourn)
Earth Mother (by Alaina)
Oak & Ash & Thorn
Star of the County Down
  High Summer Redux
Red Road (by Ken Anoff)
A Native of England (by Amikaeyla)
Pie in the Sky
Tree's Song (from a poem by Andrew Hoerner)
Raven's Wings (by Kathleen Hannan)

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