Jim Brewster

Jim Brewster has been playing with KIVA since 1997. After formal training on the trumpet, he started his ongoing exploration of the guitar, which over the last 20-plus years has brought him through many musical styles, from rock to folk to jazz. Along the way, he has picked up other instruments, including mandolin, banjo, pennywhistle, recorder, electric bass, hand drums, fiddle, and silver flute. Jim also performs with the semi-mystical Bardic Bardo Brothers (as "Jim Barleycorn Bardo") and was a member of the celtic-psychedelic band Green Crown. He has appeared with such artists as Brahm Stuart of Shaman, Imani Buchanan of Circle, Skin, and Bone, Sarah Stockwell Arthen, and Owain Phyfe of the New World Renaissance Band.
Jim has moved to NJ to continue his grand adventure with his wonderful family and joins KIVA when performing at the New York Faerie Festival and other events when he can make it.

Jim has worked on "Fairy Gifts: Celtic Folk Tales", "Songs of Mysts and Moon" (Amergyn & KIVA), "KIVA's Excellent English Excursion", "A Call to Beauty", "Armageddon Calling", "Out of the Corner of the Eye", "Oshun Gaia" (with Amikaeyla Gaston), "Reflections" (a musical meditation from KIVA), "KIVA So Far", "Yuletide", and "KIVA's Odds & Ends

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