KIVA Reviews

KIVA, in one configuration or another, has been performing live since 1989 (that's twenty years so far). Here are what some of the reviews say:

Fan Feedback About KIVA's 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert

"Most of us have been listening to KIVA and its songs for many years -- sometimes unbeknownst to ourselves. On Saturday night, I finally experienced KIVA in person with all its glorious sounds and colors. Wave after wave first engulfed and then buoyed me in the tremendous power and strength of their harmonies and messages. And, I couldn't sit still! I danced in my chair -- in the front row -- until I couldn't resist any longer and got up and danced out the flow of energy and love and life that is KIVA. Sestraluna, the vibrant belly dancing troupe, joined in and we were launched into their sensual, swirling, sometimes frenetic world. I was filled with indescribable delight when I surrendered all of my senses and my mind and heart to the magick of that continuous moment. As I looked around, the faces and bodies I saw glowed in sheer esctasy, expressed again and again by cheering at the end of each extraordinarily inspiring number. We were all fellow travelers on the journey called Kiva." -- Suze, NYC

"I am in awe at the magic that was woven last evening as KIVA performed to a packed house of lovely and loyal fans. For me, it was an honor to be invited up to play with the whole ensemble. Thank you for such a memorable evening. My guest, visiting from Israel, was simply blown away by the power and the energy of the entire concert. Thanks again." -- Daveed, Baltimore, MD

"The concert was wonderful! The band, the music was fabulous!... and the atmosphere there was amazing. The musicians and the audience... everyone was having a thoroughly great time. There was so much positve joy in the air... What a wonderful, memorable evening it was! Ya'll are great!" -- Celia, Israel

"KIVA's 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert really was a 'magical' night. Not only did I feel happy to be there with you in sharing the joy and energy that the band was giving in the music and we as the audience received and gave back, I felt so impressed by the quality and richness of the sound, the diversity of instruments and the love that was shared amongst the band members. I also was very impressed with the management of the show, both on stage and back stage. Being there was such a gift to me. I feel moved by all that KIVA created. The show was such an expression of generosity and love in a myriad of ways. Last night was an example of how peace and love is really possible in each and every moment. I thank you and the entire band for showing me that I can create this in each and every moment with others if I choose to. Thank you, Ariana, for being willing to stand for healing for the world through your leadership and talent for the last 20 years. You are very special and a bright light in the world. You have 'converted' me into a huge KIVA fan. I have been listening to your music all day today and love the new anniversary CD. I'd really like to see you all again soon. Another 20 years would be much too long to wait. The world needs KIVA now! Thank you, KIVA, for all that you did and do. I carry your love and light with me to heal myself and others." -- Karen B., DC

Faerie Magazine, Summer 2006 edition, review of "Out of the Corner of the Eye"
"Kiva's newest offering 'Out of the Corner of the Eye,' their ninth recording since their inception in 1990, is a collection featuring thirteen songs with themes on the fey folk and the wildness of the earth in which they dwell. KIVA's players include eight core musicians and some talented guests who fill each song with an honest soulful quality. These modern day bards expertly weave mandolin, guitar, bass, cello, flutes, didjeridu, percussion, violin and voices into a celebration of the natural world. The songs have a timeless feeling and it is easy to get swept along on the wave of instruments into whatever tale is being told..."
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The Green Man Review by Naomi de Bruyn
"KIVA is a rather unusual ensemble... they have been performing live for over ten years now, and although there have been some member changes over the years, they still delight their audiences. KIVA is a group which celebrates the magic and essence of nature, as well as ancient bardic traditions, which inspire healing of the spirit. And their music is a reflection of healing spirituality, quite calming and soothing, and in some cases quite primal."
      "Blending very strong vocal harmonies with rather diverse instrumentation, KIVA performs both traditional pieces and originals. This group takes what inspires them from different religions -- spiritual disciplines as well as a vast amount of musical styles -- and blends them in a huge melting pot of creativity. The result is a collection of discs which are really very difficult to describe effectively. You will find mythology and traces of ancient cultures blending with natural imagery, to create a tapestry of the world's history and preserving it for future generations."

Covenstead Magazine
"KIVA's individually strong vocalists on this night blended their always beautiful harmonies... The complement of guitars, flutes and pipes, cello, mandolin, and drums was in perfect accord. Together, melodies and rhythms intensified, ultimately fusing to create the robust and complexly woven tapestry of sounds and images that are the essence of KIVA."

P.W.S.A. Magazine
"While performing, KIVA invites group participation such as singing along with the chants, connection with others in the audience and dancing. A tangible energy is raised in the room and one is likely to laugh and cry, to feel At-One-ment with everyone in the room. At a recent concert most of the people in the room were dancing by the end of the performance. Most of these people were not in the habit of 'dancing in the streets,' but it was hard to resist the enchantment of the music."

Harvest Magazine
"What impressed me most about the show is that the set list was totally different from the last two times I saw them. It is as if every show is custom tailored for the audience. KIVA puts on an extraordinary concert and I would suggest that everyone check them out."

Night Flight Review by Odin Nighteagle
"Wizardwoman and I saw [KIVA] perform and I can honestly say that this was the pivotal moment that started us on our search for the spirit. KIVA is directly responsible for my compelling conviction to share the musickal gifts of the very talented artists weaving the web with all people of like mind." -- The Night Flight Online Radio

DC Wammie! Awards Nominations
KIVA has been nominated for fourteen DC Wammie! Awards (Washington Area Music Association) since 1996 in the "Best World Music duo/group" category -- Best World Music Group, Best World Music Vocalist (both Ariana and Amikaeyla), and Best World Music Album ("Live at the Forest Inn v.1" and "A Call to Beauty").

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