Ariana Lightningstorm

Ariana has been the lead singer, songwriter, and manager of KIVA since she started the band in 1989. She grew up in a musical family that includes her mother, Frances Fox, a retired band director and the first female trombonist to graduate Eastman School of Music (with honors) and a famous operatic aunt (Barbara Fox DeMaio). Ariana has taken her classical training in music into the creative realm of mythology and spiritual traditions from around the world. This is an article she wrote for Heartsong Review about her background and thoughts about being a musician -- Notes On My Magical Musical Path and here's a great 2 part article on Ariana by Paula Jean West. Part One. And, here is part 2 Part Two.
        She was nominated for the DC Wammie! Award in 1996 and 1998 as "Best New Age Female Vocalist" (they no longer have that category or she and KIVA would have had more nominations and, possibly, awards). Her greatest musical inspiration is Peter Gabriel. She also one of only 8 certified Lipsologists in the world (lip print reading), a practitioner of palmistry, tarot reading, and handwriting analysis as well as being a Rebirther Breathworker, and healer. Here is a link to her palmistry/tarot and healing work Web site.

        To find out more about the band or her healing work call her at 301-509-0657 or e-mail her at

Ariana has produced, sung on, and written songs for all of the KIVA albums, and has helped produce and/or sung on albums for other groups. Her works include:

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