Diana McFadden

Diana has been playing with KIVA since the very beginning. She was even with Alaina and Ariana in Pomegranate. A classically trained cellist, Diana is also self-taught in guitar, mandolin, cittern, and various other string instruments. Her playing has been shaped by an interest in progressive rock, blues, jazz, eastern and Indian music, as well as medieval and various traditional musics.
        Diana performed in the past with the celtic folk band Iona, the celtic-psychedelic band Green Crown, and other bands such as Pomegranate, Longhouse, Folk Nouveau, and Owain Phyfe of the New World Renaissance Band. She has also recorded with many of the local DC area traditional folk bands.

Diana has worked on "Healing Art", "Renewal", "Alchemy", "Finding the Balance Within", "Live at the Forest Inn", "Fairy Gifts: Celtic Folk Tales", "KIVA's Excellent English Excursion", "A Call to Beauty", "Armageddon Calling", "Out of the Corner of the Eye", "Oshun Gaia" (with Amikaeyla Gaston), "Reflections" (a musical meditation from KIVA), "KIVA So Far", and "Yuletide".

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Revision Date: December 13, 2016